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Robots as kitchen helpers and timers?


I know this is a paid article by Anki, but I found the narrative interesting that robots in the kitchen seem to be a more common theme.

I’m curious if this might be an area worth exploring. Specifically: what non-physical tasks could be useful for a robot to help with? (Conversions, timing, music, general entertainment during monotonous tasks, etc…)


I’d be interested in having Misty acting as a memory assistant. Having her, upon request, locally (not cloud) record a short continuous loop of video of whatever task I am currently working on. Cooking, for example. Then, if I am interrupted, when I return to the task, I can have Misty playback the most recent few minutes to remind me of what I had been doing prior to the interruption. Misty would provide an ideal platform as she is stationary, she could track my movements as needed and the requests for record and playback could all be voice activated which is particularly important for activities such as cooking.


Done right this could act a super handy tool for sharing the content. Think about it, if you give the video a little context using ASR and CV then it could be uploaded and shared to a broader / searchable set where maybe Misty could also be where a search is done for another clip that someone has recorded and shared on their Misty. Nice one @miker


I’ve always been fascinated with this concept in general. I think there have been a few kickstarters for similar thinks (there was one that was ‘save the last 2 minutes of audio’ and the Autographer) but their the automatically generated stuff never panned out.

@station I like your enhancement and I’d add one more layer: being able to replay the moment in AR from Misty’s perspective would be fascinating.