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Robot Pet similar like Sony aibo?

Can someone here create an Robot Pet (Dog) similar like aibo? Because Sony only support and Sale in USA and Japan. I have an imported USA one here in Germany but it is diffcult with no official Repair Support. I am diffcult to convince. So Vector EMO or Joy for all, Pleo and Paro are borring for me. Only aibo convince me so far because you never know what he will do next and always suprises me an bit and Cheers me up! But it is diffcult to work with Sony about aibo if you not in Japan or USA. I really hope someone can create an Competitor and Sale in Europe too :slight_smile: maybe you can Pm me or share here. Thank you!

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Interesting book that talks about the AIBO in some detail: “Love + Sex with Robots” by David Levy. It’s fascinating and many people find the AIBO causes them to develop an emotional attachment to it much as they would to a real pet. Some couples have even fought over one member and their relationship with the AIBO. Another is “God Human Animal Machine” by Meghan O’Gieblyn who talks about the AIBO quite a bit.