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Robot identification

When I do some internet searches now, I often have to play a little game to show I am not a robot.

Have you given any thought to the fact you will have to get the Internet to ask for confirmation that a robot is a robot?

How will it confirm it?

Hi to Areeya.

I mean, theoretically, a robot would easily be able to mimic a human-like mouse motion to a Google recaptcha box. But here’s my counter-question: would it be efficient enough to justify it’s use?
Bots (software bots) that solve captchas are employed in pretty huge quantities from what I understand. Imagine having a big room full of robot hands solving captchas for people. It’d probably be easier for someone looking to circumvent them to use the existing captcha-solving software (that has become good enough to outsmart most of them.) It’d be less expensive and you’d get the work done more quickly.

That’s my thinking, at least.

@apt I think @ke02yjh means confirming a robot is a robot, similar to how there is a confirmation that a human is a human (captcha). Confirming a device is the device it says (e.g. a Misty is a Misty) is an interesting proposal. What use cases did you have in mind?

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If AI takes over most of the world, there will be systems not designed for humans. The Captcha system will have to be turned about so that human activists cannot access what they should not. So a very wide range of situations.

Oh man, you’re totally right. I completely missed the point- I’m sorry, @ke02yjh!

If the humans couldn’t access - would that create the foundation of a “no kill switch” situation? Seems like AI (whether built by the industry or required by societal regulation) will have to have effective kill switches…

I would say similar to what current technologies are being developed to help solve the identity problem for humans (blockhain, hashgraph, tangle, ipfs, etc.) the same could be used to verify robot identities online. At some point if instead of web tokens or OAUTH 2 we start our browsing sessions verified through the browser somehow then surely there would be a sort of auth interface that our robits could use.