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Robot Customization

People love to customize the things they own. Robots are no different.

Part of the appeal of a developer platform like Misty is that parts can be swapped out for other parts.

What are the ways that you’d love to customize your Misty robot? Clothing? Decals? Custom paint? Custom arms? Custom motors? Custom gearboxes? Gold plating? Favorite team colors? Custom cameras? Custom voice? Custom sound system? Custom sounds? Custom materials (e.g. metal robot instead of plastic)?

Do you care if these custom parts are aftermarket/third-party, or should they be manufacturer approved/supplied?

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All of the above and more! :wink: Seriously, custom hardware is incredibly exciting to me. Custom arms, camera, sound system, voice – yes!!!

For assurance of highest quality, I’d want to buy some manufacturer approved, for sure. I do not want to think of plugging something into my Misty that might end up frying her!

On the subject of robot customization, here’s a version of Pepper, made to look like a panda.