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Roadmap Migration

We’re migrating from our previous roadmapping tool to exclusively use these forums. This will take place in the Wishlist category—where we can all suggest what we’d like to see for Misty’s future, as well as the Roadmap category. We’ll be taking a look at the wishlist every week and looking at the conversations happening here and the votes that various suggestions received—looking for items to promote to the roadmap and build into the platform.

Some of you made suggestions in the previous tool and we’re in a bit of a quandary as to how to use them going forward. We would like to add them all here but we want them to be in the original suggesters’ names. but we don’t feel right posting for people so here’s what I am proposing:

If any of you would like us to post your previous suggestions just let us know here in the comments or via direct message or email. We can do it in your name or not. If you would prefer, we can also send you the suggestions you previously made and you can post them (or not). So if your name is listed below, let us know how you would like us to proceed.


If your name isn’t above but you think you added items to the previous roadmap wishlist, please let us know that too.

Hi Ben,
Please send my suggestions.

I like these changes.

Allan aka BoulderAl

Hi Ben. I cannot remember making any suggestions but if I did I am fine with you reposting them for me.
Thank you…I am cheering you guys on.

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Feel free to post my previous items in the new roadmap category.

Yours were all already in the forums, Cameron.

Here was yours, Ross - feel free to augment.

Sent, Allan.