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Roadmap/Active Development?

Hi All, just got my Misty II and am looking forward to becoming a part of the community. I noticed it’s been a while since there has been any firmware updates and am wondering what the team at Misty is working on? Also what is the status of the Python SDK? I may be missing it, but am not seeing official docs on this. Is it being actively updated by Misty? Thanks!

Nothing? As a new Misty II owner I am starting to wonder if this product is even actively maintained anymore? There are bugs reported well over a year ago that don’t seem addressed and this community board is quite inactive as well. Just wondering what the story is? Many thanks.

Sorry for the delay in getting to this- it seems I’m not getting notifications from the forums again. I shared the big announcement yesterday- we’ve joined forces with another social robotics company, Furhat Robotics. It’s very exciting for us! As for what’s going on within Misty, getting through the first steps of the merger has been quite time consuming. That said, we’re currently in the process of building up a new feature roadmap that will bring some great new features, and as always, we’d love to get any input that we can from the community. There’s quite a lot to come, but we’re still getting things in order internally.

Thanks. That is certainly exciting and I am rooting for you guys! I’m sure there’s a lot to figure out right now. I saw in the press release it said Misty II would continue to be supported, which is great. So we can expect to see new firmware/library/community updates for existing Misty II owners?

Yes, we’ll continue to ship updates to all robots, just as we’ve always done, and you shouldn’t expect any loss of functionality, or that your robot will miss out on anything. Overall, our goal is to keep moving the platform forward.

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