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[Resolved] Misty doesn't update when there is an update available

There is a known issue with some prototype robots where the system’s internal battery check returns incorrect values for the battery voltage and charging information. This can prevent an available system update from initiating. You can force your robot to override battery checks during a system update by following these steps:

  1. Turn on your robot and connect it to power.
  2. Connect your robot to the Misty API Explorer and scroll to the section titled “System Updates”.
  3. Toggle the “Override Update & Battery Check” switch to the on position.
  4. Click “Perform System Update”.

Thanks @johnathan. Just FYI if you are updating to Misty’s 4.17.19 release, you will need to use the old API explorer - Misty API Explorer

The new API explorer has new endpoints and will not work unless you have updated your robot.

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