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[Resolved] DisplayImage not working correctly in JavaScript SDK

Update: This issue is resolved in Misty’s 2020.02.20 System Update.

Misty’s 2020.02.18 system update introduced changes to the misty.DisplayImage() method in Misty’s JavaScript SDK that may have broken certain implementations of the command. We are aware of the issue and are working on a hotfix to restore the misty.DisplayImage() method to its original functionality.

The update added new arguments that alter the order of the optional prePauseMs and postPauseMs arguments used when you invoke the misty.DisplayImage() method.

Command syntax prior to the release:

misty.DisplayImage(fileName, alpha, prePauseMs, postPauseMs)

Command syntax after the release:

misty.DisplayImage(fileName, alpha, layer, isUrl, prePauseMs, postPauseMs)

The forthcoming hotfix will remove the new layer and isUrl arguments from this command, and will make the new functionality for working with images and layers available in a separate method.