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[Resolved] Can't access shared skill data after Misty reboots

Currently, the system converts uppercase characters in the keys you associate with long term shared skill data to be lowercase when the robot reboots. As a result, when you associate data with a key that uses uppercase characters, you may not be able to access that data by passing in the same string you used to create the key after Misty reboots.

For example: The key for a piece of persistent data called LongTerm changes to longTerm when the robot reboots. Using misty.Get("LongTerm") does retrieve the data during the same boot cycle in which you create the key. After rebooting Misty, the misty.Get("LongTerm") call fails, but misty.Get("longTerm") succeeds.

We are working on a fix that will go out with a future system update. The most likely scenario is that we will adjust the skill system to be insensitive to the casing that you use when you create a key (so you will need to differentiate keys by using unique key names, and not by using unique casing). In the meantime, you can work around the issue by using only lowercase characters in your key names.

For more information about saving persistent data and sharing data across skills, see the developer documentation.

This issue has been resolved. After the 2020.04.07 System Update, the values for long-term shared skill data are not case sensitive.