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[RESOLVED] Base Station Fan is Louder than Expected

At first, I thought it was Misty but then I realized that the noise was actually the base station. I don’t remember experiencing this in the version I had before. I now unplug the charger when not in use. This is annoying because sometimes I sit Misty there and expect it to charge but forgot that I unplugged it. Please consider investigating this for future hardware design.

Any tips to reduce the noise?

Hi @edensjasmine can you help us check to make sure it is indeed the base station making the noise.

When you take off Misty from the base station is the fan still making a loud noise?

I believe the fan you’re referring to is the charging fan in the robot and it kicks in whenever the robot is charging. Unfortunately, when charging there is a LOT of heat generated and the fan is needed to keep the robot from melting :slight_smile: We’d like to address this but it would require a lot of major changes to the robot.

You should probably leave the charging station plugged in and just move the robot a few inches off the center point and it should stop charging and thus making the noise and then just push the robot back in place when you want to charge it.


I only hear it when Misty is charging (Yellow LED). Thanks for the tip @Vlad