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[Resolved] Base Station Charging Timeout

For our charging station to pass the California Energy Commission certifications, there is a built in timeout that limits charging sessions to 4 hours.

To put it plainly, the moment you place your Misty II on the charging station a timer begins and will stop charging after 4 hours. You can reset this timer by either unplugging the charging station, or lifting Misty off the base station for a few seconds (we recommend 10 seconds just to be safe).

We’re working on a software fix to ensure your robot will not begin this timeout if the robot is powered on. For today, if you notice your robot not charging, just lift you robot off the base station for 10 second and put it back on!

Hey @markwdalton ! Did lifting up and putting Misty back on the base station resolve the charging issue or are you still having trouble?

Sorry for not getting back sooner. No it does not always seem to help.
Also it periodically flashes while sitting on the charger, I am trying to capture
it on a camera but it is infrequent (once every 1-3 hours)…
screen goes on, light on the side of the head, fans start, then the lights/fan turn off

So I tried this again, it has been sitting with the switch ON but powered down all night.
(all lights were off), I took it off the charger for 10 seconds, and placed it on, and nothing occurred. I turned the power switch OFF for 10 seconds, then turned the switch ON and the fan/light briefly went on and I could not connect to Misty II (I am assuming the battery is too low and not charging). I again turned the power switch OFF and then unplugged the wireless Charging station for 10 seconds, then plugged it in, and the Misty II fans started (no lights and Misty II is powered *OFF) so the fans are still running.

Now I powered the Misty II switch to ON and the fans are running, the body light is RED. I can now connect to Misty II and it shows it is now (after charging a few minutes) is up to 11%, 10 seconds later up to 13%, and now 14%… So it is charging now.

ping times are still in the 120ms - 300ms range on my local network, and pings to google are only 34ms and 3ms to other devices on my network (linux, android, pi’s, roku, etc.)


Excellent, so it appears that Misty just needed a little charge to begin responding again, is that correct?

As for the ping times, I’ll create a separate thread to figure that out.

I think the problem is the wireless charger. So the next time, I will not turn Misty On/Off first, just unplug and re-plugin the charger. So my guess is that the actual charging circuit is going over some threshold and shutting down, and does not wake up properly until I power cycle the charger.

The no response previously was while its face was lit up, so likely a MS WIndows problem similar to the issues with slow ping times. (I doubt it is hardware for that).

We’re doing some testing on our end and we have a firmware fix that should resolve the problem queued up. Thanks for letting us know what testing you’re doing on your end @markwdalton!

As of Misty’s 2019.10.08 system update, this is in place. As long as your robot is turned on, wireless charging should no longer timeout :robot: :battery: