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Required Python Patch

Hey everyone!

With the announcement of the Misty Platform 2.0 launch today, we’re publishing a patch that you’ll need to run from your computer. As always, we’ve provided shell scripts for Linux, Mac, and Windows. In this case, the Linux and Mac versions are the same.

These scripts modify the startup processes for Misty to:

  1. Allow Misty to communicate with herself over localhost
  2. Enable the python runtime to execute python scripts
  3. Enable the python language server at startup

Failure to install this patch will result in a non-functional python subsystem. Symptoms of failing to install this patch would be:

  1. When running a python script from the Misty Studio’s python editor, the script would hang, never completing execution
  2. Code completion within the Misty Studio’s python editor would fail to present

To run the patch, execute either copy_scripts.bat or copy_scripts.sh from a shell window, passing the robot’s wifi IP address. If prompted, accept the SSH key and enter the robot’s administrator password. Wait for the script to execute to completion, then reboot the robot.

The patch zip file, python_patch001 can be found here.

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Thought this might be helpful. It took me a while to figure this out thinking I set a password in the past, but the copy_scripts.sh will prompt for an “administrator@x.x.x.x’s password.” The password should be on a sticker on the bottom of the robot’s base.

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I didn’t realize I failed to describe that part. Thanks for catching it!

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Thanks, this seems to have resolved the Failed to Speak error I was getting after the update.