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Reporting issues with this site


Be on the lookout for oddities (after clearing your cache) and report them here. Especially welcome is feedback from experience that isn’t in Chrom on a Mac :slight_smile:


(I’m using Safari on a Mac.)

The click areas on the GET STARTED links on the right side of the headers are behaving oddly.

GET STARTED heading - not clickable

Quick Start Guide - not clickable. Also there is no longer anything named “Quick Start Guide”. That content is now under “Onboarding” on the website, which I don’t like, but it’s not possible to readily change the name at this point. We could refer to the content by the “Getting Started” heading, but this whole column of links is called “GET STARTED”, so that’s confusing, too.

API Documentation - not clickable

Developer Tools - sometimes goes to misty-community Slack. Sometimes is not clickable.

Slack Community - usually goes to misty-community Slack. Sometimes is not clickable.

Share a Link - usually opens a blank post. Sometimes is not clickable.


Oh yeah - that is right - some of that stuff isn’t live yet :slight_smile:

What browser are you using?


Ok - Donna the clickable link issues are resolved (z-indexing issue)

Get Started was a heading and not meant to be clickable but I did change it to Quick Links.


Safari on a Mac.


Yikes. The behavior is still weird.

Getting Started: 3 out of 5 times it has gone to the API docs. 2 out of 5 times to the Onboarding docs.

API Documentation: 3 of 6 times it has gone to slack. 3 of 6 to API docs.

Slack Community & Share a Link are fine consistently.


Can we have the Quick Links open into new windows/tabs, rather than taking the visitor away from the current page?


These were optimized for the new nav that we will add once we put up the new site. We can make it work like this for now but later it may be better not to open in new windows.


Weird - it is like there is some form of overlap or something


I actually saw what seemed to be a quite large, highlighted click rectangle at one point when I was clicking. Has any of this shown up for you with Safari?


I think I got this now. Thanks for your dilligence!


All links worked on first click this morning. :slight_smile:


In Firefox on Mac the API docs and other portions of the getting started guide seemed to use responsive design but the hamburger menu does nothing on mobile or desktop.


Yup. Well get that quashed this week. Thanks, @jody!


I just tried to post a topic named ‘False Friends,’ but it got rejected due to the title being too short (15 character minimum). Why have this limit?


Hi @dan - The thinking is that descriptive titles are easier in the long run for searchability and understanding what people may find behind that link. The team that made that the default (the Discourse team) has years of evidence suggesting this is a best practice. I am glad you decided to add a bit more context to your title - even if it wasn’t quite needed, because some people would just typed “False Friends (15 character limit made me add this)”