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Remote Viewing / Streaming Audio and Video Via Misty

I would like to be able to log in to Misty remotely and see and hear via her cameras and microphones (and talk)

I wouldn’t think this wouldn’t be too difficult. This is available on the Robomaster S1 and its basically a big toy tank

Hey, I was the engineer who made that video streaming demo. Since the Android 820 handles the camera, I just installed on the 820 by downloading the apk from one of the apk download sites you can find by googling and installing it on the 820 using ADB. You can then configure the video stream in the app using Vysor. This post is actually pretty informative about how to do the adb/Vysor stuff Connect Misty to an external speaker


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I do want to put in a disclaimer. I am not exactly sure how Misty handles resource contention when it comes to things like the camera so perhaps running the ip camera app at the same time as the Misty app on the 820 could cause Misty camera functionality such as face detection to not work. I can imagine one can probably uninstall or stop the ip camera app via Vysor to avoid this. Apologies for any inconveniences.