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Regarding todays retail market


I was thinking more about the demise of Anki. An article showed up today discussing a precipitous decline of DSLR camera sales. In the area of 25 to 30 percent in March and probably further back. Canon seems to be especially concerned.

Are we looking at the start of a new shakeup in retail? Are consumers pulling back despite what the federal government may say? In my former business, we ended up with most major manufacters being sold off to distributors. Then most distributors going out of business. Radio control was left primarily with only Horizon Hobby. They purchased a company called Hobbico out of bankruptcy. Hobbico was known as Great Planes and the owner of several top brands.

People will tell you that hobby and toy companies are going out of business because of an increasing demand for video games. I don’t have data on this. I did want other people here to speculate with me. What do people feel are all the reasons behind this swift and devastating downturn in purchases? To me it is worrisome. I have seen several sectors that, while they didn’t vanish, severely contracted and are limping along on life support.


Not speaking as someone with a vested stake in people buying (robots) things. I don’t think this is a bad trend if it turns out to be true. Sure, it may be bad for the economy in the short terms as it is very consumption-driven, but I think we will need to move away from that any way. I am looking forward to a post-scarcity world, though I personally won’t see it without some great advancement in AI / the ability for me to upload my consciousness to the cloud.

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There are interesting new developments in kiosk-based retail … e.g., PopCom

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What I think we are looking at is the start of another recession. We are long overdue for a bear market. People will do a flight to safety. Traditionally this meant precious metals purchases. Younger generations dont appear to think this way. It looks like, if anything, people will turn to bonds. Many companies appear to have made it through 2017 unscathed. Then we reached 2018 and they are falling like dominos. Consumers dont seem to have the money to spend. The average iPhone is four years old now.


The kiosk idea is very interesting. Ill come back and finish it as its very long. Some things you cant dispense through a vending machine like they claim. One is pharmaceuticals. A pharmacist is the last line of defense in medicine. They are there to help prevent you from mixing the wrong meds or meds and supplements together. They also stop doctors from killing you. Doctors can get into a hurry and write the wrong medication or dose for you. The complexity is too much for a computer hooked to a vending machine to handle.

Some other product ideas seemed more feasable. Logistics would be a concern. Where to set up the kiosk. How to safeguard it from vandalism and theft. How to make sure you were getting the best return on investment. Is the machine located in an optimal area for viewing and access?

Its not something Id invest in. Im looking towards another business myself. Ill use Kickstarter to launch once I have everything worked out. Old business ideas revisited you could say. Thank you for the article, very interesting.