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Recurring Town Hall Meetings



We’ve enjoyed holding the town hall-style meetings and have received positive feedback on them. We’ve been doing some in the morning and some in the afternoon (US MT). We are interested in more scheduling feedback as well as feedback n content.

Some of the ideas we have for future topics are:

  • What is our mission at Misty Robotics?
  • What’s new with Misy II
  • What programming a robot looks like
  • Review of new tutorials
  • Robot personality overview
  • Where will Misty be next? Upcoming Events
  • Q/A
  • Guests from engineering leaders to our CEO (who else?)
  • Showcasing community development efforts

We could even do coding workshops with a lot of live coding and walking through developoing on the Moisty platform.


I’d be for diving into Misty’s personality and showcasing (by which I assume you mean demonstrating/describing) community development efforts.
My third choice would be showing what’s new with Misty II by demonstrating it on one of Misty’s programming platforms and/or live coding sessions.