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Recent articles re: Misty on CNET

I was collecting the robot news this AM and ran across two CNET articles re: Misty…


Yes; these are most interesting.

The first of these articles is a survey on: Would you buy a social robot for your home? Almost half the respondents said yes; very few said no.

Misty seems to be “featured” at the end of this survey.

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however, Jibo and Kuri are both on pause and apparently likely to be cancelled, which seems surprising if there is potential demand as suggested from that survey.

I think we are seeing some selection bias with that—people who aren’t interested are probably less likely to complete a survey titled: Would you buy a social robot for your home? :wink:

Interesting point about lack of interest. And I agree with @Ben that people who responded to the CNet survey are far from a random sample. I don’t know anyone who owns a social robot.

Also, research shows that the relationship between a person’s attitudes and their subsequent behavior is much much lower than most people believe is the case. There are lots of reasons a person might want such a robot but decide not to purchase one. The one exception to this rule that I know of is political attitudes/behavior, which show a close correspondence. Given this its not surprising that people aren’t rushing out to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on an as yet relatively unproven product.

Filling out the picture of Kuri and Jibo a bit, Kuri apparently ran into production issues according to a post I read. And Jibo, though apparently still for sale, got mixed reviews on Amazon. Here are two negative comments: “For the price. I was very very disappointed. Not nearly as smart as Alexia and even Siri.” and “The best way to describe this device is a wannabe Alexa with much less functionality in the body of a cute robot.”

Another factor is people’s expectations as to what they’d like a robot to do. Whenever I mention that I’ve purchased a robot the invariable response is “Can it wash dishes” or other request in the same vein. When I tell them that Misty can recognize faces and map her surroundings that somehow doesn’t directly translate into robot companionship.

While I purchased Misty the day it was first offered, I’ve just started looking at the descriptions of various others robots that are available. I’ve since discovered that there are quite a few possible robots to purchase out there. What I found appealing about Misty is the perspective and vision of the company. I’m very interested in being part of a development. community. The fact that the company is located in Boulder, where I live, clinched the deal for me.

can you provide the reference to this?

Man, if I had a quarter for every time I heard this. Folks, you already have a robot for doing dishes, from brands like Kenmore, GE, Bosch, etc. That isn’t what we need. We need a robot that can handle a lot of situations and activities—some of them unexpected.


Here is my main reference:

“Mayfield Robotics was an independent part of the Bosch Startup Platform. According to the announcement, Bosch was unable to integrate Mayfield into an existing business unit to help the startup scale production, so production is halting.”

In looking for this quote I realized that cnet may have somewhat misinterpreted the statement put out. See the relevant paragraph below.

“As many of you know, Mayfield Robotics was launched in 2015 as an independent entity of the Bosch Startup Platform. From the beginning, we have been constantly looking for the best paths to achieve scale and continue to advance our innovative technology. Typically, startups in the Bosch Startup Platform are integrated into existing Bosch business units, but after extensive review, there was not a business fit within Bosch to support and scale our business.”

to be clear, in questioning the survey, I did not intend to imply that social robots will never be realized. I wager that they will, and in particular, I think Misty Robotics uniquely has the right approach.