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Read a bedtime story

From a Mistyc: the robot could be programmed to read a bedtime story to children using a variety of facial expressions, movement and other items to enhance the story telling. It could have a recorded version of the story from a traveling parent so the child hears their parents’ voice.


Alexa does it, but with no inflection, so it’s actually rather frightening.
The pre-recorded version idea is also awesome.

I’m assuming her learned ‘personality’ will be able to be saved independently of her body (cloud?) so that in case of malfunction she’ll still be there with all of this greatness upon repair?

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The storage of data required for a skill is really up to the specific skill developer. We know that the skills themselves will be saved elsewhere (and then run remotely or downloaded). Cloud storage and backup isn’t in the current capability set - a nice thing to add to the roadmap.