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Reaching out to the Javascript Robotics Community


Here’s a thought for you. For a number of years I attended an awesome javascript robot hackathon conference that was called RobotsConf. I met a number of great and influential javascript developers there who also love robotics. I think it would be great for you to reach out to these community influencers and get them to help you with community building and give you feedback on your approach to javascript robotics.

May I humbly suggest you reach out to:

(These are twitter handles with the at-sign removed to satisfy this message board)
rwaldron (Rick Waldron, Johnny-Five developer)
reconbot (Francis Gulotta, node-serialport developer, primary JS library for talking to Arduinos and other robotics controllers)
voodootikigod (Chris Williams, ex-organizer for RobotsConf)

If I were you, I’d send all three of them a dev kit simply to get their feedback in this community and for the possibility they’d broaden your social media outreach.

  • Jay
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On it, Thanks again @jay.beavers!