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Re-training in the era of Robots?

A brief, but interesting article about some of the social problems of industrial robotics:

It’s a difficult problem to solve in the short term, but the long term potential solution might be giving people the exposure to robotics early… What do you think?

In case you hit a paywall, use google in an incognito window to click the link to the article from the search results

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Interesting article. I often spend time thinking about what automation and robotics means for the economy. Most people have the mindset of “it frees people up to do more valuable things”, but they always seem to miss the point of the time and money it takes to “reskill” as this article put it. Furthermore, that neglects the fact that human intelligence falls on a bell curve, and those on the lower end tend to have a harder time re-skilling, especially into jobs not being replaced by robots.

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