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Random Robot Reboots

While having Misty I sitting on my desktop, plugged in it will periodically and randomly reboot – I won’t see the Snapdragon icon, but I will see the Misty Robotics logo and then the eyes. Seems to happen somewhat regularly.

Thanks for this report, Tim. We have seen this too and believe it is something into which, the Misty engineering team is looking this week. In the future you can also feel free to submit this as a bug report.

Thanks Ben. It was (is) hard for me to know whether something I’m experiencing is:

  • a known bug
  • an unknown bug
  • a user error

I thought I was supposed to start with the Support category… Maybe a “known issues” or some other place where the commonly listed bugs are listed would be helpful. That said, I would guess some # of our customers will just ask us and we’ll probably end up letting them know that it’s a known issue. :0)