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Question about locomotion events

I dont think this is a bug but I wasnt sure what other category fits this better. It’s really more of a question. I noticed that when you subscribe to a locomotion event, the linear velocity is returned as a decimal. If you say “_misty.Drive(10,10,null)”, the ILocomotionCommandEvent that is received if you are subscribed to the event will turn the linear velocity to .1 but leave angular velocity as 10. When you subscribe to the RobotCommandEvent, both are shown as whatever numbers were given as parameters. I guess my question is what is the reasoning behind linear velocity being changed to a decimal/percentage? And why isn’t angular velocity also changed to a decimal?

In the image below, the first highlighted line is what IRobotCommand events print out (just the raw parameter), and the lower highlighted line is what ILocomotionCommand events show as the linear velocity (divided by 100).