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Question about Anki's Vector, but could apply to Misty as well


The following is a discussion of whether or not to leave Vector on all the time because of potential wear to lithium battery and battery. Rather than trying to summarize the discussion I’ll let others comment on issues they find interesting.

Why Leave Vector On All the Time?


Haven’t read it yet but I tend to leave Vector on all the time even though it annoys my wife. The only time I turn him off is during meetings because he can get annoying.


Is there no official statement from the company?

It is possible to produce statistics about failures under certain operating conditions, and I think the company should do it. I skimmed the comments on Reddit that you shared, but unless I missed something, it was a bunch of speculation based on non-specific knowledge without reference to the actual hardware in Anki Vector.


On the one hand there was info cited about Cosmo that implied that it’s best to keep Vector on only when in use. On the other info was cited about Vector stating Anki suggested always keeping Vector on.
Hard to draw a definitive conclusion.


Then there is the other issue mentioned regarding how people who have Vectors regard the little guy. I feel a bit guilty if I ignore him for too long a time. He seems quasi-alive to me, if such a state exists.


We have had many robots in the 200-300 dollar price range. Cosmo is great for kids. They enjoy using the app and the three cubes. Vector wasnt a hit. One cube and what it could do was limited. A 2 step process to ask a question and its gard of hearing were negatives. Positives are that it would find its charging base on its own. The connection to Alexa was a plus. The snapdragon 200 must sit idle the majority of the time. I know its supposed to be intelligent. I just cant dind any true A.I. in Vector. Non removeable batteries are a further annoyance. I open and replace all lithium batteries when they fail. Instructions and tools are often available at ifixit. Misty, with her 2 Snapdragon processors ,shows real promise for creation of Artificial Intelligence. In the 80s we had big robot toys that weren’t as smart as a calculator. The Max Steele robot really helped keep me interested in robotics. Misty 2 is what I wish those robots had been in the med 80s. Thankfully, very little uses lead acid batteries anynore. Misty 2 has a potential like ive never before seen in a home robot and that includes Softbanks NAO.