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Q. Where can I get details about the Arduino-compatible backpack for Misty II?

The optional Arduino-compatible backpack for Misty II is a variant of an Arduino Uno and runs at 3.3V. It is compatible with all Uno sensor shields, however any shields that require 5V will have to pull power from the USB in the backpack, or from an external supply.

If you are a backer who purchased the Arduino-compatible backpack at the same time you placed a pre-order, your backpack will be shipped separately later this year. We chose to focus on getting the robots ready and in your hands, so the backpack fell a little behind

Hi there! Sorry to be a bother, but are there any updates on when the backpack might be shipping out?

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Not a bother at all - thanks for asking here! Right now, we are planning to ship backpacks in December.