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Q. What should I should know about Misty's laser?

Misty II is equipped with an Occipital Structure Core depth sensor that contains a Class 1 laser, located above the right side of the robot’s display screen. This laser becomes active when you run skills or send commands that use the robot’s depth streaming capabilities, and it emits levels of optical radiation that are safe under all operating conditions intended for the Misty II.

To avoid exposure to unsafe levels of optical radiation, do not operate the depth sensor if the laser or its protective lens becomes cracked, and do not modify the laser, the depth sensor, or the Misty II robot in ways not approved by Misty Robotics. Do not disassemble the Occipital Structure Core depth sensor, and periodically inspect the exposed exterior of the depth sensor for damage.

Using a depth sensor that has been damaged or modified can result in exposure to hazardous levels of radiation. If the depth sensor becomes cracked or damaged, or if the Misty II has been exposed to high temperatures for a long period of time, avoid exposure to the laser and contact the Misty Robotics support team by emailing