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Python library for Misty


I like JavaScript. But my true love is Python!

Last week I started interacting with my Misty through the REST api using Python. My level of fun and enjoyment increased 4-6 times I would say! So I started building a Python library for Misty. It’s really just a very lightweight wrapper for the REST api. Once I get it a little farther along I’ll post it on GitHub so others can check it out and improve on it.


Awesome! We’d love to see this.


@cameron this is exactly what we were hoping for - that each person would stretch the environment in useful and compelling ways for others, creating exponential fun. Thanks for leading the charge!


Said no one ever :wink:


That sounds really cool! Thanks, Cameron!


Awesome @cameron! I’ll be pinging you on Monday with our fresh github repo :slight_smile:



I cleaned up what I have so far and posted it on GitHub:

Not all commands are supported yet, but I thought I’d just get this out there so others can play around and improve upon it.


Here’s my robot running


Excellent Cameron! Now we just need to get Linux on the bot and it would be about 100 times faster for development for me… :smile:


Isn’t Android sort of a flavor of Linux? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes a flavor But MS Windows is definitely not. I am adjusting it is just slower for me to make things self contained/autonomous versus remote web controlled.

In python it was it was fast for me to get regular remote autonomous style programming. I want most of my interactions to be from voice or visual queues without going to the internet (that is the part I may need to let go of for skills, behavior and user profile)


Very nice work.


Super excited to see how Python for Misty develops!


Not to steal Cameron’s Thunder, but we’ve been making a lot of changes to our API’s and decided to officially support our Python Wrapper here: GitHub - MistyCommunity/mistyPy: Official Python library to work with your Misty robot. Currently in BETA

We’re excited to continue to move this forward with everyones help!

(We :robot: you Cameron!)