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Problems when I run for second time a Misty recognition program

Hello, Misty’s community.
I’m new here and I’m starting an internship at my university with Misty ll.
When I started Misty’s face recognition tuturials, it runs very well at the first time, doing all the task established on code, but when I want to run it again, it doesn’t work.
The unique solution I have found is cleaning faces learned by Misty and start again.
I’m working on JavaScript.
Does anyone know why this happens?

Hi @RafaelRo sorry to hear you are having difficulties. When it fails to run what errors do you see? Does it just not recognize faces? Can it detect faces?

I’m glad you and your Univerisity are using Misty!

Hello @Woo, thanks for answering!
The error I can see is the following: I start Face Training (in Command Center section) , write a code (on JavaScript) to apply face recognition, start the program for the first time and it works well; I mean, misty recognizes my face, but when I stop the program and I want to start it again, misty doesn’t recognize my face.
So I have to clear learned faces and start again the training.

Hi Rafael,
I ran into the same issue earlier. Setting CleanUpOnCancel to false in the skill’s JSON fixed it.
Good luck with your project !!

Hello @cp_sridhar, thanks for answering!
I have tried it as you said, and it works!
Thank you so much!

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