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[POSTPONED] Introduction to Programming Misty II (3/23) - Boulder Edition


For all of our Colorado area developers, we’ve changed the format for our workshops and we are excited to introduce the first of many workshops aimed to giving you the techniques to program your own robot. At this event, we’re going to focus on how to utilize Misty’s REST endpoints and how to integrate with 3rd party services like Twilio or Google Calendar.

We’ll be kicking off the series on March, 23rd 2019, be sure to grab your spot early as space for this one will run out!

!!! EVENT DELAYED! Will post new information soon. !!!

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Look forward to seeing how devs local to the Misty office like the new workshop format :slight_smile:


Ugh, same day as the Colorado FIRST regional. Hopefully there’ll be more of these.


I’d like to come but Friday thru Sunday nights don’t work well for me.


There will be. We host workshops every month and at least half of them are in the Boulder area.


Good news everyone! We’ll be postponing this workshop and I’ll be modifying the format a bit. I’ll be sure to keep everyone apprised of developments soon!

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Stay tuned! We’ve got updates coming :smiley: