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Play a saved audio on Browser from command center does not work

Dear all,
I’m trying to retrieve an audio signal that I record with Misty. The problem is that i can see the file on the assets but I cannot retrieve the file or even Listen to it from the Command Center if i Click on “Play in browser”. It seems like the file cannot be found.
Is there a way to solve this issue?


did you read this thread: GetAudioFile is acting funny

I think the main conclusion is “the recorded file can be downloaded after reboot.” (https://community.mistyrobotics.com/t/getaudiofile-is-acting-funny/2800/4)
but someone suggested that a “targeted update” worked for them (https://community.mistyrobotics.com/t/getaudiofile-is-acting-funny/2800/9). I am fairly confident this is a bug that has not been fixed by the Misty team.