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Pick Your Favorite Misty II Decal Option



We’re interested in creating decals for Misty II and would like you to vote for your favorite theme below.

(larger examples below)


  • Fighter Jet
  • Cobra Car
  • Space Suit
  • Gundam Wing

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If you could suggest an additional theme, what would it be? Add a reply to this thread.


Battle damage decals


I’m so torn between the Gundam and Space Suit themes- they’re both insanely cool.

Octocat decals are apparently off the table, so maybe we can meet in the middle with some cat whiskers someday?


I’ll 2nd a battle damage -like decal set.


For me it is partly based on the colors used. Basically blue would be the key for the look for me (I am not a fan of Red or Gray).

Alternate theme, SpaceMonkey with the add-on Prehensile tail. :smile:
But altering the colors of Jet, SpaceSuit would help for me.


I’d add:

animals (e.g. hoodie style)
anime (also hoodie style, e.g. pikachu hoodies)


A cat would be very excellent.


Octocat! :wink:


zombie? can robots be zombies? or are they already zombie people since (that we know of) they are not conscious. too deep? :exploding_head:


I agree with the zombie idea. I think that would be really cool although I’ve never seen a zombie robot before


Halo Master Chief armor