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Persistent data storage between reboots


It would be awesome if there was persistent data storage between reboots, as this would enable more complex dynamic skills during run-time.

Right now, my team and I are running into a bit of a road block as we try to create some processes that handle the environment around Misty s.t. it will learn. Right now, we are working on an external DB to store this data, but it would be awesome if Misty could run this stuff locally, so that internet is not strictly required, and so that the skill does not have any external dependencies.


Have you tried to persist the data by making HTTP API calls to /api/images (in particular, SaveImageAssetToRobot and GetImage) ?

Using the HTTP API this way is a hack that can break, e.g., depending on image format validation that they do, but it might allow you to progress while general storage across reboots is developed.


Just out of curiosity, what do you mean when you say “an external DB?” Will your need be satisfied with a simple flat file, for example?


A flat file would likely be satisfactory. Just any capacity to store information between boots would solve a few problems.

When mentioning an external DB I am referencing saving variables to a RESTful database somewhere in the cloud, to subvert the inability to save information locally.