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Party Tricks for Misty


I have been tasked with developing skills/party tricks for Misty. I have developed a few but they work unreliably. I am looking for more ideas for tricks/interesting skills that I can show off in a professional environment. (Ex. Work Conferences, In the Office, etc.) If anyone has any ideas for a new Misty skill or would care to share one that they already developed, that would be greatly appreciated.

I am also having some trouble with my current skills. I could use some help with them. I have skill where Misty wanders and recognizes faces. Upon seeing a face, it will react according to the skill I wrote. The issue I am having is with the face recognition. It does not reliably see any faces. Even if you are standing directly in front of Misty. Can anyone add any insight?

Hey @brandon.perez, thanks for your questions and welcome to the community!

For office party skills, you might check out this post for inspiration. That code has Misty roam around and say different things to different people.

Another idea: In the past we created a “photo booth” demo that lets you send an SMS to Misty and ask her to take your picture. She uploads the picture to Imgur and uses Twilio APIs to send the picture back to your phone. There’s a blog post on that demo (not exactly a tutorial, but maybe interesting nonetheless), and @cp_sridhar might be willing to share links to any relevant code samples he has for that functionality.

I’m sure folks here can share some other interesting ideas, Misty is a lot of fun at social events :slight_smile:

For your second question, Misty’s face rec works best in well-lit environments. The face should be within 6 ft of Misty, and Misty’s visor should be directly facing the person you want her to recognize. It may be there is an issue with your code that someone here could help you with, are you able to share a snippet?

Thanks for sharing that, @brandon.perez. I don’t see any issues with your code and was able to test it successfully on my robot.

Does Misty’s tally light (the blue LED beneath her flashlight) come on when you run this skill?

One thing to check is to make sure you have enabled Misty’s camera service. It is enabled by default when Misty boots up, but you may have disabled it to use AV streaming or for another reason.

The tally light was not on when I was working on this code a few weeks ago. Which is when I was having these issues. I gave the misty robot to on of my colleagues, who had some new skills uploaded to Misty. I have no idea what these skills are or what the code even is, but now the tally light is on and stays on all the time. I am not even sure what this light is/does.

The tally light comes on to notify users when Misty is collecting personally identifiable information (PII). As of robotVersion 1.12.7, it comes on during the activities listed here (formerly it only came on for a subset of those activities, which is likely the reason you never saw it before 2/18).

awesome thanks.

I also had some questions about SLAM. The goal is to create a code where Misty can return to here charger and charge herself. I have not started anything, as I am not sure how to use the SLAM features on Misty. From Misty’s Command Center, I launched the Navigation Module and successfully mapped an area. My difficulty came in saving the map for access later and tracking. I could not save the map/access it in the future. Is this something you can help with?

The map selection menu in the Navigation Module isn’t currently operational; however, you can get a list of Misty’s maps, set the current map, rename, and delete maps using Misty’s API.

If what you want to do is create a map and use that map data to have Misty navigate from one point to another in a JavaScript skill, I might suggest the following workflow (quoted from this thread):

Misty is currently best at creating maps of smaller spaces (she can actively map for around 4 - 5 minutes, which nets you different sized maps depending on the complexity of the space). That’s not to say that you shouldn’t try to create multiple maps of your office space, and invent a clever way to switch between the maps as Misty drives around; just recognize that the undertaking would be more complicated than mapping the entire space, bringing up the map, and finding all of the coordinates you want to use.

For docking station location: we’re still developing abstractions at the API level that allow Misty to automatically detect and drive onto her charger. Most of the heavy lifting currently has to be done by Misty’s developers, but the API does offer commands for experimenting with docking station location (StartLocatingDockingStation and StopLocatingDockingStation). Once you have located the docking station, you can calculate the drive commands that Misty would need to execute to drive onto it. Note that these commands are Alpha; feel free to experiment, but recognize that they’re likely to be unreliable at this time, and we expect them to change as the software matures.

For more information about the capabilities and limitations of Misty’s SLAM system (and how to use them most effectively), check out out this thread:

and this blog post:

And let us know if you have other questions!