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Out of Box experience

Hi Misty peeps,
Agree with Mark’s good comments when unpacking Misty, good experience. When I turned Misty on, however, no life. This led me down the path of login (actually had to start the app multiple times to get to the login page, same thing this morning), it did not take the password I thought I has set up…could be PW forgotten issue, sent an email to reset password on forum, nothing came into my inbox. Tried going to the link:, 404 error on both chrome and safari. Rechecked that this morning, and still same error. Via Slack Chris M. re-authenticated my login and gave me a temp password, and all is working now. Thanks! However, dumb question, can’t see where to change my password.

Does not seem intuitive to tell if the robot is charging once set on base. Ditto on known reported battery percentage display issue on app.

One recommendation for quick guide–should Misty power button be on or off when on charging pad.

Updates: where do you find the most recent release version in the forum, my app says Software version for robot is, but last release notes on site look like 9.24.2019? Is there a better place to figure out the most recent release(s) and see release notes.Also it suggests auto-update is always on in the start-up guide (if Misty starts to update put her on her charging base), if you are in the middle of coding or testing does it ask whether it’s okay to update and you can stop the update?

Agree with other comments that it would be nice if Misty greeted you upon initial startup, head looked up and eyes blink or a hello…Also would be good if the startup guide included a super quick mini tutorial to do something, talk to Misty, move her head, etc. for devs getting started.

Thanks, will start testing a few things this week.

Thanks for the feedback @sckart!

I’ll break out your questions inline here:

  1. We’ll update soon!
  2. We’re working on a few things regarding battery charging on the pad, but today you’ll know the robot is charging when Misty’s chest LED is pulsing with an amber colored light. Unfortunately for the moment, when Misty is off there will not be any indication. We recommend just making sure the arrows are aligned and if possible, confirming it’s charging when the robot is on before shutting down. (Or just using the direct charger!)
  3. The battery charge percentage issue will be resolved soon!
  4. The best place to find the current release is in the Releases section of the Community Forums. We’ll always post the version numbers in each of these posts (the date is to indicate when it was released, it’s not correlated to the actual version numbers)
  5. Regarding auto-updates: When Misty power cycles, it will check for updates automatically, but will only install if it has enough charge. You shouldn’t be in the middle of a session and encounter an automatic update, so no worries there!
  6. We’ll be iterating on the out-of-box experience, we’d love to hear more of your thoughts on what would make it awesome! You can add all your thoughts/desires to our Wishlist area in the Forums!

:tada::robot: Chris


Or just using the direct charger!

I’ve seen this mentioned a few places, however I don’t think any of us received the standalone charger. It is listed as an optional accessory in the guide. Or am I the only one who didn’t get it?

It wasn’t included in Misty II’s package according to the User’s Guide. The Guide said it is optional.

The charger was part of the options on ordering I believe. I received my charger about two weeks after my Misty II.

Thanks Chris

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The wired power adapter may not always be shipped with Misty II (hence the “optional” note in the printed guide), but we are delivering these chargers in a separate shipment to all of Misty II’s earliest backers. We’re getting caught up on the shipment backlog, so if your adapter didn’t arrive alongside your robot, you can expect to get one in the mail within a few business days :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thanks!