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Official Python SDK Released

Misty Developers!

Today we’re excited to announce something that many of you have been asking for, the brand new and Official Misty Python SDK. The SDK has all of the commands available in the API Explorer, including an event system with callbacks similar to the JS and C# SDKs.

Download the SDK and see installation notes here: https://pypi.org/project/Misty-SDK/

In addition, you can run the SDK directly on Misty allowing you to run fully autonomous Python skills. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to load/unload these skills via Skill Runner but nevertheless this is a solid start.

Please let us know what you think and share your new Python skills with the community!

~The Misty Team


Hi @arobodude , will there be offical doucment update foy Python SDK too ? I’m thinking of migrating code from JS over to python and i also hope the API exploerer can provide python skill code just like the Javascript.

Currently it is still a REST and Websocket wrapper, but it is designed to be updated and new version generated automatically as new commands are added to the robot. Thanks to that all of the REST API documentation can still be employed. The API Explorer format can also be used since all parameters are keywords, so in Python you can specify by position or by keyword. The following bit of code has two different TakePicture calls that will behave exactly the same:

misty.TakePicture(True, None, 800, 600)
misty.TakePicture(width=800, height=600, base64=True)

Thanks to the keywords I hope it can be more clear what parameters are being set and the already available documentation for the REST API hopefully give a good explanation of how to use the commands and what to expect as a response from them.
If you use a modern IDE the doc string includes a link for every command to help you read up on how to use the command. Here is an example with the TakePicture command:

The event system is also based around the websockets which also have documentation available here.