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Occipital Structure Core depth sensor

How can I tell if My Misty II has the Occipital Structure Core depth sensor?

I would like to subscribe to it? and see if I can get it to scan things and recognize them. Possibly to take images with the camera and depth metadata for holographic display on a Looking Glass Portrait.

Hi @twintails,

Thanks for reaching out about the Occipital Structure Core Depth Sensor.

The Misty II Standard and Misty II Enhanced editions both come with the Occipital Structure Core Depth Sensor out of the box. If you purchased a Misty II Basic Edition, the Occipital Structure Core Depth Sensor doesn’t come standard with that Misty.

The Misty II Standard and Enhanced versions should have 4 cameras on the visor and the IR laser whereas the Misty II Basic will have one hole on the visor for the 4K RGB camera.

Check out some of our SLAM mapping resources to learn more about the depth sensor and using SLAM to map your environment.

Hope that helps to answer your question(s)!

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I’ve looked through all of the SLAM mapping resources available on the site, but I haven’t seen anything on how to subscribe to the Depth sensor stream like you can with the AV stream (which seems to be what @twintails is asking about).

I am using the REST API, and while I’ve found descriptions on how to start and stop SlamStreaming via the /streaming endpoint, there’s no information on where that data is being streamed to or how to access it from your laptop/computer. Any help on this would be appreciated.


Thanks @kaleb.bishop, yes this. I have figured out the Vizor we have is not the Basic. But I can’t seem to see where to get at that depth data. This is a strange passing and bubbling up again thing I’m playing with when I have time (with 2 kids its few and far between :upside_down_face: )

The LookingGlass has support for Microsot Azure Kinect but I don’t have Windows to work with that product. So with my Linux/Mac/Unix setup I was wanting to use the Misty Sensors and rig it to stream to the LookingGlass somehow.

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