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Now robots can play "THE FLOOR IS LAVA!"

Outside of assembling structures in remote environments like the moon/Mars, oceans, there are interesting implications for building structures after disasters like earthquakes. Imagine air dropping a bunch of robots and supplies to repair roads, bridges and buildings, at least enough for temporary relief.


Should start by making robots that actually are the bridge, that can be taken down and moved to a different place when the bridge is repaired. Think of ants making themselves into temporary bridges whenever there is a need. Then when these builder robots have finished building the new bridge, the temporary bridge moves.

If the construction industry would standardize on building components robotics could make a huge impact, not to mention quality and speed would go up. It kind of annoys me that so much in construction is basically done manually and semi ad hoc…

Even something as simple as standardizing on wall panels that have common interlocks and standardized utility conduits built in. Machine could spit these out and robots could assemble them. IMO this kind of automation would speed up construction and reduce cost significantly.

I’m a big fan of the concrete 3D printer “robots” that can print houses. I really see us moving more in that direction for the frame/skin of buildings.