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Notice: Windows IoT Core May Update on Your Misty I


Microsoft recently pushed out an update for the Windows IoT Core component used in Misty I. Please note that this component may update on your robot without warning. If you see an image of gears on Misty’s screen, be aware that she is going through a system update.

If you encounter unexpected behavior from your robot after an update occurs, please reach out to the Misty Support Team by:

  • posting a message here
  • posting a message in the #technical_support channel of the Misty Community Slack
  • emailing us at


Note that in most (all, we hope) situations this update should be completely uneventful. You will just not be able to use your robot for a little while. :robot:

And to be super transparent about this – there is a certain amount of uncertainty in the way these updates are currently working. We do take updates internally to make sure that things aren’t going to be broken, but that’s not the ideal that we’re working toward. Our goal is to handle the updates entirely on our own, but the internal infrastructure to support this is not yet complete. As it is, the routine updates that are delivered to Misty out in the field are security updates, and we DO want our customers to benefit from these. So there is a risk currently, but it is minimal.


Any idea on if you’re going to be using SCCM or custom cloud services to bring this in house?


Excellent question! I don’t know, but I imagine @morgan might…