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Not sound when testing audio assets


I just started testing assets, pulled audio list, set volume to max (100) and then hit “Play Clip”, there is no sound coming out from Misty. Console status = success. I am using API explorer. Images from assets do work but Misty has a 10 - 15 second response delay. Any suggestions before I decide to check for loose cables?


William (“Devil’s advocate”)


Hi @levesongower!

Sorry for the trouble! This may seem strange, but can you do a GetDeviceInformation call, then post the results of that?

You can also get the info via the API Explorer.

  1. {batteryLevel: {…}, currentProfileName: “ASUS”, hardwareInfo: {…}, ipAddress: “”, networkConnectivity: “InternetAccess”, …}

  2. batteryLevel: {batteryChargePercent: 0, currentVoltage: 11.883}

  3. currentProfileName: “ASUS”

  4. hardwareInfo: {mcBoard: “BoardId: 2490421-540488760, Hardware:2.0, Firmware:”}

  5. ipAddress: “”

  6. networkConnectivity: “InternetAccess”

  7. outputCapabilities: (12) [“User1”, “User2”, “Locomotion”, “LocomotionTrack”, “Illumination”, “ResetImu”, “/Robot/Display”, “/Robot/ChangeBusMode/”, “Halt”, “/Robot/AudioPlayback/speaker”, “Actuator_HeadPitch”, “MessageStream”]

  8. robotId: “00:00:00:00:00:00-00:00:00:00:00:00-00:00:00:00:00:00-00:00:00:00:00:00”

  9. robotVersion: “”

  10. sensorCapabilities: (14) ["/Sensors/RTC/ConnectionStatusMessage", “/Sensors/OccipitalSlam”, “/Sensors/RTC/BatteryCharge”, “CV_4k”, “DriveEncoders”, “TOF_Right”, “TOF_Center”, “TOF_Left”, “TOF_Back”, “Hallucinated_OnlyOne”, “/Sensors/StringSensor”, “Actuator_HeadPitch”, “/Sensors/HardwareDetails/RtcBoard”, “/Sensors/HardwareDetails/McBoard”]

  11. sensoryServiceAppVersion: “1.1.283”

  12. serialNumber: “20180723_MR_1201”

  13. windowsOSVersion: “Windows.IoT - 10.0.17134.1”

  14. proto: Object


I’m going to Slack you. It will be easier to support you that way, if that’s okay. If not, let me know, and we’ll work through things here…


okidoki, thank you :slight_smile:


Cool. I’m in the MistyCommunity slack in the #technical_support channel.


Just to close this out a bit – this is an issue from a partial software update happening, which can cause a version mismatch in Misty’s software. The “no sound” symptom is one of the indicators. If this happens to you, please do let us know!