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Not able to Apply 2020.01.07 Android Patch

Hello Support… this is now my 2nd attempt at trying to install the 2020.01.07 Android Patch without success. The reason I’m trying to install this patch is because I’m trying to debug misty C# code over wifi. I’ve checked Misty’s version and we are running 1.19.1 which doesn’t seem to exist in the list of releases for Misty II on the release history on the website – ok that’s a bit of a side note…

Here’s what I’m able to do

  • I can connect to Misty using a USB-to-Ethernet adapter
  • I’m able to make an ssh connection to the adapter IP-Address
  • I’ve downloaded the patch001.zip for windows and unzipped this into it’s own folder

Here’s what I’m NOT able to do

  • not able to execute the patch001.bat file passing my adapter-IP

Unable to establish an adb connection at this address

  • not able to execute adb command on misty through the ssh connection

‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Here are Misty’s Device Info
androidHardwareId: “4ea197a5da6fae68”
androidOSVersion: “OpenQ820_O_v4.1-OPM1.171019.026-scripts1.0.1-patch1.0.5”
currentNetworkId: 3
currentPreSharedKey: “”
currentProfileName: “mywifi”
robotVersion: “”
sensoryServiceAppVersion: “1.19.1”
serialNumber: “20194303220”
windowsOSVersion: “10.0.17763.253”


Hi Duane,

Thanks for detailing really well in your post. It contains answers to almost all the question I might ask you for debugging.

Looking at this from device-info it looks like the patch is already applied on your robot.
androidOSVersion: “OpenQ820_O_v4.1-OPM1.171019.026-scripts1.0.1-patch1.0.5

Additional Information:
There are two processors on Misty,

  1. 820 Running Android (WiF-IP)
  2. 410 Running Windows IoT Core (USB-Ethernet-IP).

The patch is applied to 820 that connects through Wifi and you would need to use the WiFi IP address of Misty instead of the USB-Ethernet IP address. This patch also disables adb connection to Misty over WiFi; that could explain if you could not directly adb in with Misty’s WiFi IP address.

If you would like to adb in now,
You can follow the instructions here to adb in through USB-Ethernet (accessing 820 from 410). You can also enable adb over wifi following instructions from here.

CP [• •]