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Nontraditional Network/Wifi ideas?


We know Misty and the companion app doesn’t work in wifi networks that 1) don’t have passwords and 2) it also doesn’t support the ability to connect to wifi that needs another layer of authentication, for example, wifi at most university or office space networks, and (I’m guessing) public hotspots like at a coffee shops or airports.

I feel pretty tethered to my lab space where we have a local lab network but I’d like to be able to demo Misty in other conference rooms or even use it outside. Eventually, we want to implement for HRI research which, in our case, possibly involves bringing it to other schools or public spaces. We can’t do that now with this setup.

Any suggestions for work around?
It seems like a hot spot off my personal cell phone data would work (?) but that’s costly on the cell data side. I’m not a network expert, so what are other people doing? Any suggestion to try?

Does Misty actually need internet? I’m assuming I could make a hotspot for the companion app on a tablet and Misty with my laptop that is connected onto wifi, correct?
But if my laptop doesn’t have internet, would the “hotspot” still work to connect the app and Misty?

Is there a way to make that laptop into a network…? Server or LAN…?



The robot does not need internet access. You can use a standalone router not connected to the internet to which you connect your laptop and Misty.


And if I don’t have a router?


The simplest is to put your phone in airplane mode, then enable WiFi and do a hotspot. This way you don’t use any mobile data.

You can also turn your laptop into a hotspot. Depends on your OS. Here is an article for a Windows PC:


Hi @WendyXu! Would you feel comfortable sharing more about your system configuration? E.g. Mac, Windows, Linux…?

Also, if you don’t currently have a standalone router, would it be possible for you to buy or requisition one from your university IT department? Or is this some sort of hard limit that you cannot use one?

Thank you!


I have access to all three right now. Mainly using windows and ubuntu.

Yes, can easily bring a spare from home or talk to the IT department. That’s more of a time limitation.

Thanks, Vlad!

I’m mainly curious about what I can do if I don’t have internet. It sounds like some public middle schools are wary about who connects on to their internet/network so it’s more complicated to connect. Someone suggested turning a computer into a ad hoc network which seems like would work since Misty doesn’t need internet.


Wendy, the only limitations without internet will be accessing the api-explorer and blockly webpages. BUT, you can cache those pages locally since they don’t need internet access. The other limitation would be that you would not be able to access cloud services. Otherwise everything else is local.

We’re also going to be releasing Soon™ the SDK system which will allow you to deploy code to the robot and run it without any connection.