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No more Asimo it seems

:disappointed_relieved: too bad, perhaps to make way for another in his stead.

Wow. Between that and Jibo it’s been kind of a tough year for early robots.

I actually think that this announcement from Honda is great news for robots. When Asimo was created in 2000, I’m pretty sure nobody was talking about “service robotics” (even though iRobot was around by then…). Asimo was never intended to be a commercial product so it can’t be considered a commercial failure. I have read that when the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster occurred, Honda was contacted asking if its Asimo robot could be used to help with the disaster response: shut valves, etc. Honda replied something to the extent of: no, it was never intended for that type of application.
So nearly 20 years after its creation, Honda recognizes that there is a viable market for humanoid robots and is foregoing the novelty dancing and soccer-playing for bigger things. But they can leverage all of their Asimo learning and technology. So Asimo will live on, just not in name. Honda products could have a big impact on the robot market. I can’t wait to see what they make next.

As far as Jibo, yeah, I do feel that will end up being a commercial failure although I don’t wish that on the company. I just think there were too many delays and the product has too high of a price tag given what it offers, especially in comparison to products like the Amazon Echo line and Google Home.


Jibo’s features were very exciting when they were announced, but were outdone by Alexa and Google Home before they got to market. It emphasizes the importance of market timing :slight_smile:

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