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New York World Maker Faire!


If you happen to be in New York or will be traveling there over the next few weeks, make sure to come visit Misty Robotics at the New York Hall of Science during this years World Maker Faire!

We’ll update this post when we have our booth information, but we hope to see you Sept. 22nd + 23rd!

For more info, check, out the official site at:

If you happen to be attending, what would you want us to show off?

Looking forward to seeing some of you out there :robot: :tada:


Fun trivia - My first job was at the New York Hall of Science. There’s even a chair in the auditorium with my name on it.


@Dan I’m going to get a picture of this, do you recall roughly where it might be? I’d prefer not to look at ALL the chairs :slight_smile:


Ugh. It’s been years. Not even sure if they have the same auditorium, but if they do, there was a plaque showing where everyone’s name was.



You’ll be able to come visit Misty in Zone 4, Booth 4509 near the Beer Garden. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!