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New IP address every time I restart Misty

In the past when I shut Misty down and restarted her the IP address stayed the same. Today while doing some other tests I shut Misty down, tried to reconnect her to the command center and she wouldn’t connect. I checked the companion app and the IP address had changed. I tried this 3 more times and every time I turned her off and back on, the IP address was different.

Yes, DHCP allocates an IP for a small fixed length. How long a DHCP lease is, is dictated by the DHCP server on the router. You can increase the lease or, if you truly want to ensure the same IP address all the time, you can assign a fixed IP to Misty’s MAC address in the router.

How to do this is different for every router so I suggest you consult the router’s manual.


this reminds me of a firmware feature or Skill idea: display the IP address on the face screen after booting.

Thanks, Vlad! I checked the setting. The lease time was set at 120 minutes, I changed it to 24 hours and gave Misty a fixed address. After 3 shutdowns and reconnects it kept the same address.

Agree. This is something a bunch of us have wanted for a long time…

Glad you got it fixed