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.Net Skills access Bluetooth?


I am working on setting up a bluetooth beacon navigation for misty as a backup to the SLAM system.

Can I access bluetooth from the C# SDK? I know C# can natively access bluetooth, I was just wandering if I would have access to them from a .net skill or is it better to mount a Raspberry pi and use its bluetooth.

Thanks in advance


Bluetooth and WiFi happens through the 820 so you cannot natively access Bluetooth from C# code which runs on the 410. Your simplest choice at this time is to go the RaspPi approach.

Thanks Vlad!

Technically, you do have access to the bluetooth radio from a C# skill, but it will likely perform quite badly as there isn’t an antenna attached to that processor. As an alternative, you could source a compatible antenna, open the head, and attach it.

Thank you Morgan…I will look into it.