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.NET SDK as part of other C# projects

I have found using Misty II as a research platform more cumbersome than other robots I’ve used, particularly the requirement of using the skills API. I realize it’s so one can deploy everything into the robot, but I would much (much+) rather run code on my own machine and just remote control to / record from the robot. I’ve been able to do that with the python wrapper (which is out of date so I had to fix it) without needing to deploy a skill, but what about the .NET SDK? I have some other projects that I want to be my primary project and be able to bring Misty into it–not the other way around, but the project structure requirement (i.e., the VisualStudio skill template) seems difficult to get around at this point.

Can I just run my C# code remotely without deploying on Misty? Can I instantiate my own IRobotMessenger object from other C# code? That’s what I’m used to when it comes to research using robots. Does it make more sense to just wrap around the REST API like the python wrapper?

Hi @caseykennington! Welcome to the community, and thanks for the question.

The quickest option for bringing Misty into your existing C# projects is to integrate your own client code for her REST API and WebSocket connections. Misty’s .NET and JavaScript SDKs require that your solutions run locally on the robot, and you can’t instantiate an IRobotMessenger object for communicating with the robot outside of the background application you build for Misty. The commands and event types available through REST applications do offer most of the same robot functionality that’s available in a .NET skill.

Misty is in active development, however, and we’d love to hear more about what you are building and how we can help you.