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.Net SDK and localhost

The double wammy of updating the SDK and Visual Studio for a project has left me at odds trying to access my web api on localhost. I can seemingly call apis from azure but get an error calling localhost from a dev perspective.
The text associated with this error is : A connection with the server could not be established as the error message. Anyone come across this?

Unfortunately, I don’t totally follow what you’re saying. Are you connecting to localhost (i.e. the robot) from a skill running on the robot?

I have 2 projects in visual studio - 1) the Misty Skill and 2) a webapi project. in debug the webapi project runs on localhost for debugging calls. There seems to be something blocking localhost from my Misty skill

So, the webapi is running PC side, and Misty is attempting to call into that API, but failing, correct? Is it as simple as a firewall configuration on the PC?