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.NET live debugging

Hi there,
I’m trying to make the live debugger in visual studio to work with my misty skills. I bought a usb-to-ethernet adapter and connected this straight to my computer. This is the only way to make an ethernet connect, because i don’t have straight access to the router to plug it in. The problem i’m having is that i don’t know what ip-adress misty gives to the ethernet adapter. Normally it should get an ip-adress from the router’s dhcp server, but in this case thats not possible.

Is there any way to set a static ip-adress from misty to make a p2p connection?


Hi @arjen.bovee,

Thanks for your question. The steps to deploy .NET skills using a USB-to-Ethernet adapter require the adapter to be connected to your router, and the router provides the IP address for the adapter.

That said, live debugging of .NET skills no longer requires a USB-to-Ethernet adapter. As long as your robot is running the current version of Misty’s software, you can apply the recent Android patch to enable live debugging of .NET skills using Misty’s Wi-Fi IP address.

The patch adds new ports to the list that Misty’s 820 WiFi connection forwards to the robot’s 410 processor, which makes it possible to use Misty’s Wi-Fi IP address – instead of her 410 IP address (which is really the IP address of a USB-to-Ethernet adapter connected to your router) – to deploy .NET skills and attach a debugger from Visual Studio.

Keep in mind the following when you deploy .NET skills:

  • The first time you deploy a skill, it may fail to attach for debugging after deployment, and you may see a message in Visual Studio that indicates the skill is already running. If this happens and you want to walk through the debugger with your skill, you can generally just deploy the skill again, and it should attach for debugging the second time.
  • On the Task Properties page for your skill project in Visual Studio, there is a checkbox that says: Uninstall and then re-install my package. All information about the application state is deleted. If this box is checked, the task is reinstalled each time you deploy it to Misty, and it never moves to debug mode. You’ll want to make sure this box is unchecked, and then the debugger should attach and run on the second deployment.
  • The task only runs as a debuggable background task for a less than a minute unless the skill starts, so you should try to start the skill from he Skill Runner page fairly quickly after deployment.

I’m sorry for any confusion around this. If this doesn’t get you what you need, let us know and we’ll keep working toward a solution :slight_smile:

It is possible to connect directly to the robot without a router, but you have to manually set all the network parameters on both sides of the connection. Just search how to connect 2 computers via ethernet cable and you should find some instructions applicable to your computer.

On the robot side you will need to connect to the Windows IoT device portal by going to <ROBOT IP>:8080 then go to Connectivity -> Network and set the IP Configuration for your USB to ethernet connection. DO NOT CHANGE any of the other configurations (especially LAN9512/LAN9514)