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.Net "Hey Misty"

I’m trying to convert my teams javascript skill to .net. For the life of me, I can not figure out a simple skill pattern using c#.

Simple flow

  1. Wait for wakewords “hey misty”
  2. the event from heymisty will then do some stuff.

There is some stuff close in the gihub cognitive service sample but nothing that is triggered by the wake phrase.

Any simple samples that anyone has seen?

did you try Documentation for C# SDK ?

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also, this is not a “simple” example, but it does demonstrate wake word (a.k.a. key phrase): https://github.com/MistySampleSkills/Misty-Concierge-Template/blob/8a04184b565b5a78ce336697ec5d1683e6a90469/C%23/Misty.Skill.Concierge/Misty.Skill.Concierge/MistyNativeSkill.cs
in particular, line 360

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Hi timw,

I was the person / community member who took on the challenge of migrating the Javascript Misty Concierge application to C#. Below is a link to a github repo / documentation and a video demonstrating the features in the C# prototype. I learned a lot about C# and Misty while doing the migration.


As slivingston mentioned, there is sample code in the prototype demonstrating the wake word / key phrase feature.

Hopefully you will find the sample code useful.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about the code.