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Neck controller calibration?

Did something change in the parameters for the neck motion controllers in the release yesterday?

Today I am observing jerking motion. For example, changing only pitch includes the desired pitch change, but the head severely shakes in other directions before eventually settling.

@slivingston, I checked with the engineering team, and I’m not aware of any updates to the head controller that would cause this issue.

One thing we can check: It may be possible your robot’s user config file has been corrupted (similar to what happened here). Could you connect to the file system on your robot’s 410 (iirc, you use Linux – perhaps you can port these instructions on connecting from Mac/Windows). There should be a UserConfig.json file at the directory \\ip_address_of_your_robot\c$\Data\Users\DefaultAccount\Documents. Could you attach that file (along with your robot’s log file) to a new email thread with

To follow-up on this, the jerking motion has not occurred since I rebooted the robot today.

If it occurs again, I will check the configuration file as you suggest.

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