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Navigation screen does not show saved maps


I created a SLAM map using the navigation portal. Once I’m connected to Misty the Drop-Down Listbox shows that there are maps, however I’m not able to see the names of the maps.

Duane A. Lorette

Hi @dlorette, I’m glad you are using the SLAM maps via the navigation portal and I’m sorry you are running into difficulties.

I’m wondering whether you can connect to the robot and run this REST API: Misty Docs | API Reference

The easiest way to do this is to put this URL in your browser address bar:

Once you do that let me know what result you see.

Thank you,

Justin Woo

Here are the results from browser:



The list maps part of the webpage was never finished and thus it doesn’t work. You will have to use the REST calls to get list of maps, set map, rename, delete.

Thanks for the update Vlad…. However this begs the question…. When do you anticipate the next release for Misty to contain updates for SLAM?


The part that’s not hooked up is in the Navigation screen website not in Misty. Command Center and associated webpages are meant as samples and to highlight capabilities of MIsty, they are not part of the product. As such they fall by the wayside when other priorities arise. I do not know when we’ll get back to updating that part of the website.